RP: Interview Jeff Mills & Ólafur Elíasson

Techno progenitor Jeff Mills and visionary installation artist Ólafur Elíasson contemplate reality, culture and identity in this questing conversation – by Sven Von Thülen via Electronic Beats Some interesting quotes by Mills and Elíasson in Part 1 of their interview “…I think that we may be entering into an era where virtual reality and the […]

Interview with Anthony Gerace

Anthony Gerace, visual artist and photographer, wrote me an email couple of days ago and I had the chance to take a closer look on his work. I am especially interested in his work series “Fig. 1-99″, hundred colour studies on paper sourced from 60s, 70s magazines such as Life, Playboy, Time, Popular Mechanics etc. I enjoy this fragmentation of colour and combination of forms. The collage pieces definied by their outlines appear as abstract forms with words/letters giving away their identity – their combination only predicted by their specific colour chosen from the magazines. […]

Interview mit Street Art Sammlerin Isabel K.

Isabel Königsstetter, eine passionierte Street Art Sammlerin aus Wien, hat sich vor einiger Zeit bereit erklärt mir ihre mit Leidenschaft gefüllte Kunstsammlung zu demonstrieren. Ich kenne Isabel aus eins der vielen INOPERAbLE Vernissagen und wusste, dass sie „Stammkundin“ der Galerie ist. Bei einem ersten Besuch in ihr trautes Heim sprachen wir über das Paradoxon Straßenkunst in seine eigene vier Wände zu stellen, die letzte große Street Art Ausstellung im MOCA in L.A. und die nächsten upcoming artists in der Street Art Szene. Ein Nachmittag ganz einer Diskussion über Street Art und Co. gewidmet – besser geht’s nicht.

Interview with Vinz Feel Free

vinz_feel_free_inoperable_gallery_vienna_01Last week I attended Vinz Feel Free‘s Vernissage “Usual Misdeeds” @ INOPERAbLE Gallery in Vienna. Vinz is a street artist from Valencia, Spain. The artist paints animal heads on large-scale photographies of human bodies and pastes them on the streets. His studio works show a similar approach: with collage technique he creates a background out of old documents such as certificates, love letters or bills, prints on them and finally paints the animal heads using enamel or gouache. I met Vinz at the Vernissage last friday and wanted to know more about his artistic approach…