newbeginningHi everyone! I’m finally back from my blogging break and very excited to present you some new changes regarding artpjf.

For the last 10 month I had enough time to think about how I want to continue this blog. As much as I still enjoy writing about art I also started to get interested and willing to write about topics which do not cover the art world directly but a critical insight on creative and alternative content in different kind of fields such as urban society, alternative economical and ecological theory and projects. This may sound pretty abstract now but is actually intended to create a platform for open discussion and critical, creative thinking. After seeing so many exhibitions, vernissages, art fairs and festivals in the past 4 years the simple fact to write about the displayed art, that often did not interest, touch or challenge me in any way, started to bore me. Consequently, I stopped writing for myself and lost my intentions. For this reason I needed some time and space to reconstruct and among others redesigned the website to keep a clear overview over the different topics. Besides the interviews, exhibitions reviews and art work features, I would like to cover interesting projects (not necessarily from the art field), book reviews, open up the blog for guest authors from around the world and many more. To keep it more international, I will give my best to stick to english language.

Finally, I would like to point out that I’m always pleased to receive feedback, commentary of any kind or just a hello. Write an email info(at) or comment on the articles and I will try to respond as fast as possible.

I love new beginnings, this will be great!

NYC Ballet Presents NEW BEGINNINGS from LE BOOK on Vimeo.

See you soon!



A little more about PJ...

MA student in Museology at École du Louvre, Paris. BA in Art History at University of Vienna. Mainly interested in Digital Humanities and Contemporary Art as well as creative & critical content from various fields such as Urban Societies, Cyberculture, Alternative Economic Systems and Ecological Engineering.

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