worldbrain A couple of weeks ago I stumbled upon an interesting film on arte creative by Stéphane Degoutin and Gwenola Wagon entitled WORLD BRAIN. The film is to be classified somewhere “between documentary, fiction and a how-to guide” and organised online as a map including videos in thematical sequences followed by articles, photos and book covers. World Brain discusses current issues considering nowadays developments in technologies by trying to investigate “alternative ways of living in the context of the universally networked society”; from universal connection, collective intelligence to high-frequency trading and transhumanism it investigates the influence of nowadays technology and speculates on the impact they may have in the future.

You can still watch the movie online on arte (in english, french and german) or have a look at their website. However, I highly recommend it.

If you are around Paris, check out the film projection at the Gaîté Lyrique on Sunday 26. April 2015 which will be followed by a discussion with the makers Degoutin and Wagon as well as journalist and author Philippe Vasset. In addition, Inke Arns will be presenting the upcoming exhibition of the HMKV (Hartware MedienKunstVerein) in Dortmund “Eigenvalue: Technology as an Acting Subject“.

See you there! PJ.





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