JeffMills_Olafur_Eliasson_Interview01 Techno progenitor Jeff Mills and visionary installation artist Ólafur Elíasson contemplate reality, culture and identity in this questing conversation – by Sven Von Thülen via Electronic Beats

Some interesting quotes by Mills and Elíasson in Part 1 of their interview

“…I think that we may be entering into an era where virtual reality and the simulation of reality are better teaching tools. Because you not only feel that you’re there, but you can experience it from different perspectives. You can be taught the Civil War in the U.S. from the Confederate side and the other side. You can be caught in between. So I think we’re just on the edge of using art and sound and all these things to teach.” Jeff Mills

We 3-D printed a camera that has hexagonal filming capabilities of the space, with six GoPro cameras in it. What I’m interested in is the link between the virtual and muscle memory, because I do think people totally underestimate the experience that one has. Of course it’s not the same as being on Mars, clearly. On the other hand, it allows for storing knowledge in a spatial and bodily way much more complex than pure theoretical or algebraic teaching. And this is how culture and sound and music and art and theater have been operating for a long time.” Ólafur Elíasson

“…I think that when they go to Mars, they’re gonna take Earth problems to Mars. If you have a man and a woman, a young and an old person, somehow they’re going to bring up these differences, and they will create the same world that we exist in now.” Jeff Mills


Quotes Part 2 – “What If We Had Two Suns?”

If you’re at the equator, you’re more likely to be top-lit—there is little or no shadow. When you are at the Northern or Southern hemisphere, there are long shadows. I think this has influenced our culture, our architecture and our heat management. Our identity is connected to the quality of the light and the sun, so adding an extra sun to that equation is a great idea.” Ólafur Elíasson

If there were two forces like that, how would that shape religion? Perhaps we would not be the people that we are. Maybe we would not be so conflicted.” Jeff Mills

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One thought on “RP: Interview Jeff Mills & Ólafur Elíasson

  1. Je travaille dans l’architecture et j’ai aimé le commentaire d’Ólafur Elíasson sur le soleil, le fait que cela nous influence sur le domaine de l’architecture. Il est toujours le critère numéro un, les pièces de vie comme le salon doivent toujours orientées coté sud.C’est aussi un critère écologique pour la consommation de la lumière.

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