RP: Interview Jeff Mills & Ólafur Elíasson

Techno progenitor Jeff Mills and visionary installation artist Ólafur Elíasson contemplate reality, culture and identity in this questing conversation – by Sven Von Thülen via Electronic Beats Some interesting quotes by Mills and Elíasson in Part 1 of their interview “…I think that we may be entering into an era where virtual reality and the […]

Yona Friedman @ PSA Shanghai

Talking about architecture and witnessing the rapidity of growth and magnitude of emerging cities in China (with high skyscrapers literally growing out of the earth like champignons in autumn), it felt very refreshing to see an exhibition in Shanghai’s Power Station of Art paying tribute to Yona Friedman (1923-), French-Hungarian icon of post-war utopian architects. […]

Jeff Mills & Herman Kolgen @ Philarmonie

Couple of days ago, I unfortunately missed out on a highly promising concert organized by Némo15 (“Biennale internationale des arts numériques”) in cooperation with ELEKTRA festival and the Philharmonie de Paris. The « Grand Soir de turbulences numériques » reunited the universe of audio-visual performance and contemporary classical & techno music in the halls of the Philharmonie created […]

Chen Zhen @ Rockbund Art Museum Shanghai

My first trip to China included among a new cultural understanding and inspiring acquaintances, also some very interesting exhibitions I’d like to share with you. During my stay in Shanghai, I stumbled upon the Rockbund Museum of Art which celebrated its 5th anniversary and on this special occasion organized a retrospective exhibition of Chinese artist […]

WORLD BRAIN and the collective intelligence

A couple of weeks ago I stumbled upon an interesting film on arte creative by Stéphane Degoutin and Gwenola Wagon entitled WORLD BRAIN. The film is to be classified somewhere “between documentary, fiction and a how-to guide” and organised online as a map including videos in thematical sequences followed by articles, photos and book covers. […]

New chapter – Paris and École du Louvre

After receiving my bachelor degree in history of art in Vienna, I took the decision to move to Paris and start my master in Museology at the École du Louvre. The so called Grand École was created in 1882 with the attempt to train future curators and specialists in archaeology and later art history. It […]

DAVID ALTMEJD @ Musée d’Art Moderne, Paris

The Musée d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris presents the first retrospective of Canadian artist David Altmejd (*1974). The exhibition Flux shows a large variety of works from complex architectural installations to sculptures with vegetal and mineral elements. Altmejd is struck by biology and the odd and exceptional worlds created in the movies of […]

Tom French @ Lawrence Alkin Gallery

Lawrence Alkin Gallery in London is presenting FLUX, an exhibition of new works by contemporary painter Tom French, opening on Thursday 10th April, 6 – 9pm. In this new body of work French battles with themes of the conscious and unconscious mind, presenting a fresh series of original oil paintings, unique mixed media studies and […]

Beijing 2008 by Liu Yi

Really interesting and thought-provoking painting by Chinese-born artist Liu Yi intriguing geo-political insights. Reposted from enigmachronicle.com The work, titled “Beijing 2008”, depicts four young women playing Mahjong. The woman with the tattoos on her back is China. On her left, focused intensely on the game, is Japan. Across from China, the one with the shirt […]

Stupid Money & Stupid Art (part 1)

“At particular times, a great deal of stupid people have a great deal of stupid money.” Walter Bagehot, Economist 1859. This is the intro of Ben Lewis BBC documentary The Great Contemporary Art Bubble from 2009. Ben Lewis investigates the phenomenon of the booming prices at contemporary art auctions, indicating it as “one thing [that] […]

Back to Life, Back to Virtuality

Hi everyone! I’m finally back from my blogging break and very excited to present you some new changes regarding artpjf.

For the last 10 month I had enough time to think about how I want to continue this blog. As much as I still enjoy writing about art I also started to get interested and willing to write about topics which do not cover the art world directly but a critical insight on creative and alternative content in different kind of fields such as urban society, alternative economical and ecological theory and projects. This may sound pretty abstract now but is actually intended to create a platform for open discussion and critical, creative thinking. After seeing so many exhibitions, vernissages, art fairs and festivals in the past 4 years the simple fact to write about the displayed art, that often did not interest, touch or challenge me in any way, started to bore me. Consequently, I stopped writing for myself and lost my intentions. […]

Daniel Palacios – Waves

Daniel Palacios, Spanish multimedia artist, gives us one the most authentic demonstration of the visualisation of moving sound. The art work called “Waves” is made up of a long piece of rope generating 3D waves, which are floating in space by the physical action of its movement. At the same time those visual waves create a typical sound by cutting through the air. The movement of the rope is affected by the audience which moves around the installation, generating visual and acoustic sound waves from harmonic patterns to complex ones.

Interview with Anthony Gerace

Anthony Gerace, visual artist and photographer, wrote me an email couple of days ago and I had the chance to take a closer look on his work. I am especially interested in his work series “Fig. 1-99″, hundred colour studies on paper sourced from 60s, 70s magazines such as Life, Playboy, Time, Popular Mechanics etc. I enjoy this fragmentation of colour and combination of forms. The collage pieces definied by their outlines appear as abstract forms with words/letters giving away their identity – their combination only predicted by their specific colour chosen from the magazines. […]

dOCUMENTA (13) in Kassel

Die weltweit bedeutendste Ausstellungsreihe, die seit 1955 alle fünf Jahre stattfindet, definiert die diesjährige Kuratorin der documenta Carolyn Christov-Bakargiev:

“Die dOCUMENTA (13) widmet sich der künstlerischen Forschung und Formen der Einbildungskraft, die Engagement, Materie, Dinge, Verkörperung und tätiges Leben in Verbindung mit Theorie untersuchen, ohne sich dieser jedoch unterzuordnen. Dabei handelt es sich um Gebiete, in denen Politisches untrennbar ist von einem sinnlichen, energetischen und weltgewandten Bündnis zwischen der aktuellen Forschung auf verschiedenen wissenschaftlichen und künstlerischen Feldern und anderen, historischen ebenso wie zeitgenössischen Erkenntnissen. Die dOCUMENTA (13) wird von einer ganzheitlichen und nichtlogozentrischen Vision angetrieben, die dem berharrlichen Glauben an wirtschaftliches Wachstum skeptisch gegenübersteht. Diese Vision teilt und respektiert die Formen und Praktiken des Wissens aller belebten und unbelebten Produzenten der Welt, Menschen inbegriffen.”

Interview mit Street Art Sammlerin Isabel K.

Isabel Königsstetter, eine passionierte Street Art Sammlerin aus Wien, hat sich vor einiger Zeit bereit erklärt mir ihre mit Leidenschaft gefüllte Kunstsammlung zu demonstrieren. Ich kenne Isabel aus eins der vielen INOPERAbLE Vernissagen und wusste, dass sie „Stammkundin“ der Galerie ist. Bei einem ersten Besuch in ihr trautes Heim sprachen wir über das Paradoxon Straßenkunst in seine eigene vier Wände zu stellen, die letzte große Street Art Ausstellung im MOCA in L.A. und die nächsten upcoming artists in der Street Art Szene. Ein Nachmittag ganz einer Diskussion über Street Art und Co. gewidmet – besser geht’s nicht.

Interview with Vinz Feel Free

vinz_feel_free_inoperable_gallery_vienna_01Last week I attended Vinz Feel Free‘s Vernissage “Usual Misdeeds” @ INOPERAbLE Gallery in Vienna. Vinz is a street artist from Valencia, Spain. The artist paints animal heads on large-scale photographies of human bodies and pastes them on the streets. His studio works show a similar approach: with collage technique he creates a background out of old documents such as certificates, love letters or bills, prints on them and finally paints the animal heads using enamel or gouache. I met Vinz at the Vernissage last friday and wanted to know more about his artistic approach…